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LPFM Scrobbler API documentation

This is technical documentation for the API which is a simple wrapper DLL for the API. The audience for this documentation is experienced .NET developers who are familiar with web services programming concepts.

Quick start

  • Download the DLL or reference the NuGet package in your solution
  • Decide whether you want to call the Scrobble methods synchronously or asynchronously
  • Familiarise yourself with the authentication process for desktop applications
  • Get a API Key and secret
  • Send your user to authorise a token at the URL returned by Scrobbler.GetAuthorisationUri()
  • Get a permanent Session Key by calling Scrobbler.GetSession() 
  • Persist the session key returned from Scrobbler.GetSession() and use it when instantiating new Scrobbler objects from then on (a Session Key is forever)
  • When your media player has started playing a track, call either QueuingScrobbler.NowPlaying() or Scrobbler.NowPlaying()
  • When your media player is more than halfway through the track, call either Queuing.Scrobble() or Scrobbler.Scrobble()
  • If you are using QueuingScrobbler, call the Process() method when you are ready to send the requests to the webservice

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