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A simple Scrobbler API for .NET

LPFM Scrobbler is a simple .NET API library for scrobbling to the web service. It is designed for desktop, web and mobile applications that target the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. The library supports the Scrobble, Now Playing, Love / Unlove and Ban / Unban functionality of the API version 2.0. is a music taste aggregator for music fans from all over the world. It “scrobbles” the track plays from millions of users to help them share and discover music. The extensive API has enabled many third-party integrators to include functionality into their mobile, desktop and web-based applications. It is to those integrators that this API is dedicated.

Note: LPFM is not affiliated with in any way, apart from being massive fans.

Sample Application

Download a Visual Studio 2010 C# Windows Form Project that demonstrates asynchronous scrobbling of tracks played by a Windows Media Player control*.  

*Requires Windows Media Player version 9 or greater to be installed on your PC, and .NET Framework 4.

Get the NuGet Package

PM> Install-Package Lpfm.LastFmScrobbler.dll

If you haven’t heard about the NuGet goodness yet, let Hanselman tell you all about it.

Things you should know

  • The LPFM Scrobbler API is a Class Library DLL written in C# and targeting the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (client profile)
  • It is free and opensource software licensed under The MIT License (MIT)
  • The API wraps portions of the webservice version 2.0
  • Source includes Unit Test projects and XML documentation of all public classes and members

Supported API methods


LPFM Scrobbler is used by Elpis, a native Pandora radio client for Windows. Thanks to Adam Haile for his contribution to this project.

If you are using LPFM we would love to hear from you - let us know in Discussions.


The LPFM Scrobbler library is part of the LPFM project, radio station automation software for low power and pirate radio stations. The Scrobbler portion of LPFM is open-source and free, and more LPFM libraries will be open-source in the future.


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